From data graveyards to data mines

IWA Meta-data collection and organisation;

Target Audience

Process modelers, Utility managers, technologists, consultants, academics and modelers with interest in evidence-based operations, controls, and investments


Getting to grips with meta-data

As wastewater resource recovery facilities enter the era of big data, they are naturally confronted with the challenges of integration. One aspect that remains an important burden for utilities is the description of collected data, i.e. the production and storage of meta-data.

Data collected today is expected to be useful in the future to respond to ever more complicated operational challenges and new demands for water quality and resource efficiency. Given that those future issues are unknown, the definition of required meta-data and guarantee of its collection in a timely manner will be particularly challenging. However, when successful, this process leads to the generation of future-proof data mines, as opposed to data graveyards. 

In this webinar, the panelists will highlight the utility of meta-data, the most challenging aspects of meta-data collection and organization, and the ongoing work of the IWA Task Group on Meta-data Collection and Organization (MetaCO TG).

Learning Objectives

After the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the value that collecting meta-data in a structured form can bring.
  • Understand the practical challenges associated with the collection, organization, and management of meta-data. 


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