Foundations of Water Stewardship

International Water Centre Water stewardship

Target Audience

For participants with the practical and technical skills to drive positive change in the complex world of Integrated Water Management.


Our planet’s water resources are under increasing pressure due to global population growth, economic and lifestyle trends, and climate change. Water scarcity and the deterioration of waterways are negatively impacting the natural environment and the wellbeing of people across the world.

Water users from agriculture, energy and industry, to cities and citizens, are now recognising the acute need to better manage the water resources on which they depend. This will only be achieved through collective approaches where water users in a catchment work together to indentify common goals for sustainable water management, providing social, environmental and economic benefits.

Water stewardship offers an approach to achieving water management outcomes that are socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial.

Learning Objectives

Completion of the Foundations of Water Stewardship course will deepen participants understanding of:

• How water stewardship can be situated within an overall suite of policy options for water management and contribute to organisational goals.
• The key elements of stewardship systems in general and how these are implemented in the AWS water stewardship system.
• The range of risk and conformity tools that can support water stewardship.
• How water stewardship is being applied in different contexts around the world.
• How to work through the process of becoming a water stewards and use the AWS Standard