Environmental Biotechnology

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Target Audience

This Advanced Course is aimed at professionals (MSc, PhD or equivalent experience) in microbiology, biochemistry or biochemical engineering with a basic working knowledge of the two other disciplines. Also, molecular biologists with a microbial background may apply. The course is primarily aimed at those already employed in industry who wish to up-date their theoretical knowledge and practical insight in this field. In addition, this Advanced Course is an option in the two-year postgraduate programs of Delft University of Technology.


Environmental Biotechnology is a rapidly developing, increasingly important branch of science that has implications for both the prevention and clean up of pollution in domestic and industrial waste streams. This international training course will introduce mixed microbial culture theory and reactor technology in relation to the design and scale-up of advanced treatment processes from the laboratory to the full scale implementation. The course will be given in English. A pocket calculator is required. In 2016, this course was held for the 20th time.

Learning Objectives

– Mathematical modelling
– Biomass retention by various separation techniques
– Mass transport in biofilms and three phase reactors
– Scale up/scale down
– Integration of processes and process control
– Process design from flask to full scale and back