IWA Webinar Emerging Contaminants: Concepts and solutions

International Water Association Micropollutants

Target Audience

Basis knowledge of engineering and chemistry is helpful. Knowledge on the occurrences, terminology in policy and science is developed while some removal technologies are discussed.


Emerging contaminants in water and wastewater are an issue of growing concern for researchers and practitioners alike. How do compounds becoming ‘emerging’? What are the threats they pose? Also, how to deal with them? All things that are not fully understood. This webinar will highlight state-of-the-art knowledge on the subject and present some examples of prioritization efforts on chemicals in the environment. These efforts will be discussed with the audience and people may bring in their views and research outcomes.

Next, the webinar will present a solutions-focused perspective, focussing on possible technological and non-technological abatement options throughout the chemical life cycle to improve water quality. Considering some compounds, removal efficiencies are discussed, (for example made available by the Watershare tool AbetES). Data and various abatement options will be discussed with the audience, based on the existing assessments regarding their efficiencies to improve water quality and their potential for implementation.

This webinar is a follow-up from the sucessful Master lecture held at the IWA conference in Brisbane, November 2016.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:

– The concept and terminology on this topic
– How a substance become considered as one of concern
– The current chemical prioritization efforts
– Existing non-technical solutions and technological removal options


Stuart Khan Associate Professor UNSW –Australia.


  • Stefan Kools Researcher & Manager - Chemical Water Quality and Health - ‎KWR Watercycle Research Institute, Netherlands
  • Bettina Genthe Senior researcher- CSIR, South Africa