Does the price of water services reflect its value and its cost?

APESB Value of Water, Cost of Water, Awareness on the responsible use of water

Target Audience

All water professionals and those with an interest in the value of water for society. This webinar will be held in Portuguese.


In this 2nd digital seminar of the series APESB-2021 we propose a debate on whether the price of water services reflects their value and/or the cost of their availability. The analysis of this theme is of the greatest social and economic relevance. If access to water is a human right, its scarcity requires rationality in its use, but it also requires its availability at a fair price! But is the fair price equal for all user sectors, in addition to waters services? Should the price of access and use differentiate the social value generated? How do answers to these questions impact management entities and consumers? What should be changed?

These are just some of the questions explored by Eng. Jaime Melo Baptista on July 1 at 17:00, Lisbon Time, GMT+1 | 18:00 CEST.

Program (GMT+1):

17:00: Opening of the session and presentation of the theme

(Prof. Lígia Pinto, President of APESB)

17:15:  Does the price of water services reflect their value?

(Eng.º Jaime Melo Baptista, President of LIS-Water)

18:00: Debate

(Prof. Lígia Pinto and Eng. Pedro Bastos, President and Vice-President of APESB)

18:30: End of session

Participation is free but requires pre-registration:

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to weigh the value of water as a human right vis-à-vis its true value and cost.




  • Lígia Pinto, APESB President
  • Pedro Bastos, APESB Vice-President
  • Jaime Melo Baptista, President of LIS-Water