Digitalisation of water utilities – drivers for transformation

IWA Digital Water Programme Digital water

Target Audience

Water utility operators, water utility managers, water utility staff responsible for source management, water technology and ICT staff, researchers, academics


The Water Industry, in particular the water companies, are facing growing challenges in order to serve their customers. Shortages in water resources, non-revenue water and the need to deliver more for less along with the business of usual drivers such as growth and climate change. With such pressures there is a need to deliver more efficiently in order to deliver essential services including safe and secure drinking water, storm-water management and wastewater management. In fact, these challenges and their increasing complexity necessitate a paradigm shift to the next generation of water systems beyond traditional water and sewerage infrastructure.

This webinar will introduce the digital water series focusing on the spectrum of how digital solutions are being integrated into the water sector. This particular webinar will look at the drivers behind digitalisation and the challenges and opportunities for water and wastewater utilities to manage their assets and make decisions, while optimizing the delivery of services in a digital era.

Key questions to be explored:
• What are the main drivers for digitalisation of a water/wastewater utility?
• How can digital strategies be best implemented by water utilities for the benefit of their business, and for their customers and clients? (how can the best value be obtained through digital transformation?)

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:
• Understand what digital transformation means for a water and wastewater utility (understanding the opportunities, understanding the barriers)
• Learn about digital solutions enabling better management and distribution of water resources.


Dragan Savic (CEO, KWR Watercycle Research Institute)


  • Junwei Jin (Deputy Director, Network Department, Shenzhen Water)
  • Oliver Grievson (Technical Lead, Water Industry, Z-Tech Control Systems)
  • Randolf Webb (Director, Strategy & Marketing, Xylem Inc.)