Crisis Management at Water Utilities: Concept, Preparedness and Latest Technology Development in DSS using AI

IWA Water Security and Safety Management Specialist Group Water Security & Safety

Target Audience

- Engineers in charge of urban water services
- Technicians in charge of urban water services
- Decision-makers in charge of urban water services.
- Anyone who would want to know more about crisis management and Smart Systems.


How water utilities can be best operational ready for crisis situation thanks to preparedness, Decision Support Tools, and Smart Water Systems?

In a context of global change, population growth, and increase of environmental risks, water utilities need to share experience and best practices in order to be best prepared against upcoming crisis situations, and to develop efficient resiliency for water services. Trainees will understand through practical cases and simulated exercise how they can be prepared and respond to extreme events, and how they can make use of the latest development in Smart Water Systems. Beyond the concepts and recommendations, special attention will also be given on how to improve mitigation and response by regularly practicing drills, and on the need for appropriate communication under stressed situations

Learning Objectives