COVID-19: Young Water Professional Perspectives

IWA Young Water Professionals COVID-19; SARS-Cov-2; Practitioners; YWP

Target Audience

IWA Young Water Professionals, representing various disciplines across the water sector.


During the COVID-19 utilities are facing challenges such as continuing services in light of fewer staff, lower ability to collect bills, increased water demand at household level, with the reduced use of water by industry and the potential reduced confidence by customers.

Whilst we have seen CEO’s and higher level management’s responses in our previous Online Panels, it is time to hear from those practitioners working on the ground. Those younger professionals that are developing the new regulations, who work in operations or communications departments of the utilities.

Young members of our association will share their perspectives, experiences and responses to the challenges, but will also address the provocative question “How will this pandemic affect the water sector”.

Learning Objectives

During the Online Panel, participants will gain a better understanding about:
• The reason, why multi-disciplinary sharing is vital for practitioners
• The ways how Young Water Professionals should be involved in sharing of lessons learned


International Water Association