COVID-19: Sewage Monitoring for Public Health

IWA COVID-19; water management; health

Target Audience

Researchers and laboratories in the wastewater sector (private and public), and those with an interest in understanding the value of supporting progress in this area.


Rapid progress in the development of sewage monitoring for SARS-CoV-2 offers the potential to contribute to public health action, such as the early indication of secondary outbreaks. Many research labs and commercial labs have now gathered valuable experience in the handling of sewage samples and analysis of the virus. However, there are still issues regarding how to apply the results to advise health authorities, the handling of samples and the analytical techniques.

This webinar will advance our common understanding of how these surveillance results can be used, and harmonize approaches and methods towards a global use for wastewater surveillance of COVID-19. The panel will discuss the challenges in using surveillance data, and the need and likely benefit of standardization in approaches, especially given the need for international sharing of findings.

Participants should ideally have some experience in wastewater analyses or monitoring programmes for coronavirus.

Learning Objectives

During the webinar, participants will:

• gain an overview about what sewage surveillance can be used for,
• learn about an interesting case study from Brazil, and
• gain an overview of the analytical procedures: the challenges and possible solutions.


International Water Association