COVID-19: A Water Professional’s Perspective

IWA water; covid-19 water; management; health

Target Audience

Water utility managers, water professionals.


The Covid-19 pandemic is prompting questions for the water supply and sanitation sector globally. While operators provide their services within a national context, scientific and operational concerns and insights are relevant across borders. The IWA Online Panel Discussion gathers experts in water and sanitation from across the globe and aims to address some of the most pressing questions for water professionals.

The event will focus on addressing the impacts of the virus for the water sector. The expert panel will discuss topics such as the fate and inactivation of the virus during water supply treatment, public health (aerosol risk in buildings, water reuse schemes and reuse of sewage sludge), and the impact of this crisis on the water sector and water professionals.

Learning Objectives

The audience will learn about the following topics:

Wastewater monitoring to help detect the presence and spread of the virus in communities.
• The fate and inactivation of the virus during water supply treatment.
• Public health (aerosol risk in buildings; water reuse schemes; reuse of sewage sludge).

The impact of this crisis on the water sector makes water professionals an essential profession.
• Health and safety of those who are responsible for delivering water and wastewater services.
• Proactive customer engagement (communications on handwashing & water safety, financial difficulties associated with bill payments, etc.).


International Water Association


  • Joan B. Rose, Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research, Depts of Fisheries & Wildlife, Michigan State University
  • Charles (Chuck) Haas, LD Betz Professor of Environmental Engineering, Civil, Archt., & Env. Eng., Drexel University
  • Rosina Girones, Professor of Microbiology, Microbiology and Statistics Department, University of Barcelona
  • Gertjan Medema, Principal Biologist, KWR, The Netherlands