Connecting flow and ecology in the Koshi Basin, Nepal

Australian Water School Ecosystem and Catchment Management

Target Audience

Water managers in developing countries, ecologists/eco-hydrologists, engineers, hydrologists


Nepal’s plentiful water resources require careful management to ensure equitable use across the many competing facets of water consumers. However, freshwater ecosystems in the Basin are increasingly vulnerable to anthropogenic and climate changes. It is critical to understand the ecological water requirements of aquatic ecosystems in order to manage water resources and protect the ecosystems. This webinar presents some key hydro-ecological relationships in the Koshi Basin (e.g. ganga dolphin, fish, birds etc) and discusses their importance in informing river basin management across the country. Tanya will address issues of interest to water managers in developing countries, ecologists/eco-hydrologists, engineers, hydrologists. It is based on research undertaken in Nepal to improve the understanding of ecological water requirements of flora and fauna.

Learning Objectives

Discuss ecological water requirements for river basin management in the face of hydrological change.


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