Climate change and food security nexus

Centre for Development Innovation Climate change

Target Audience

The course is intended for mid-career professionals, dealing with climate change adaptation and mitigation options in developing countries, working for a research organisation, NGO, government or civil society. Participants need to have a relevant tertiary education with at least five years of experience in a course-related discipline like agriculture, water management, biodiversity, forestry, or other natural resources management. Proficiency in English is required.


This course encourages you to become a facilitator of change. You will not only get a full understanding of climate change, its impacts and adaptation and mitigation concepts but also strengthen your skills for stakeholder engagement, policy influencing, advocacy and negotiation to help you establish more effective governance structures. The training approach is interactive and hands-on. It includes practical fieldwork, case studies and individual action planning.

Learning Objectives

– have a better understanding of climate change and its impacts;
– understand the challenges climate change governance faces and explore ways to strengthen it;
– practice to become a more effective change manager by applying social learning techniques and tools;
– be able to understand innovative practices for adaptation and mitigation;
– be able to place climate change adaptation and mitigation in the context of sustainable development.