Climate Action: Solutions for a Changing Planet

The SDG Academy Changing planet solutions

Target Audience

Students with interest in the climate actions and the solutions for a changing planet.


Climate change represents the greatest challenge––and the greatest opportunity–– of our lifetimes. Climate Action: Solutions for a Changing Planet explores the options available, at both the community and individual level, to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, decarbonize the economy, and ensure a safe and prosperous climate future for all.

The solutions covered in this course were primarily captured at the 2016 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) during the Low-Emissions Solution Conference. The course provides an overview of the technologies and activities available to implement the Paris Climate Agreement; exploring key components of deep decarbonization pathways, and low emission energy strategies using long-term modeling. Modules delve into the role of agriculture and satellite monitoring in emissions reduction goals, as well as the policy priorities, business solutions, and individual public actions that can help societies transition to low carbon living.

Learning Objectives

By joining the course, you will not only learn about the most up-to-date opportunities for confronting climate challenges but will also join a global cohort of students and peer practitioners working towards the next generation of low emission solutions!