Civil Engineering, MSc/Diploma

University of Birmingham Postgraduate Certificate


The flexible nature of the course also means that graduates from non-civil engineering disciplines may be eligible for study. The taught element of your course takes place between September and May, and your individual research project will be undertaken from May to September. You can transfer from the Postgraduate Diploma to the MSc programme, upon completion of the Diploma, provided you satisfy the MSc requirements.

Being flexible in its nature, this MSc/PG Diploma in Civil Engineering permits every student to tailor the programme of studies to suit their own chosen career, benefiting from the range of specialist modules available to all MSc students. Flexibility also means that graduates of non-civil engineering disciplines may be eligible for study. Please enquire if this applies in your particular case and we will make an assessment based on previous study and experience.

Course Objectives

– Individual Research Project
– Water and Wastewater Treatment (Water)
– Flooding & Water Resources Management (Water)
– Underground Construction (Geotechnics)
– Geomechanics (Geotechnics)
– Structural Engineering 3 (Structures)
– Seismic Engineering (Structures)
– Road Asset Management
– Sustainable Construction
– Engineering Production and Risk Management
– Sustainable Transport Policy
– Road Design