Citizens Co-Creating Sustainable Cities

TU Delft Environmental Studies

Target Audience

Basic knowledge of sustainability in urban settings, urban environmental technology and urban management is assumed.


Learn how citizen’s co-creation is key in making cities worldwide more sustainable.

Around the world, major challenges of our time such as population growth and climate change are being addressed in cities. Here, citizens play an important role amidst governments, companies, NGOs and researchers in creating social, technological and political innovations for achieving sustainability.

Citizens can be co-creators of sustainable cities when they engage in city politics or in the design of the urban environment and its technologies and infrastructure. In addition, citizens influence and are influenced by the technologies and systems that they use every day. Sustainability is thus a result of the interplay between technology, policy and people’s daily lives. Understanding this interplay is essential for creating sustainable cities. In this MOOC, we zoom in on Amsterdam, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, Nairobi, Kampala and Suzhou as living labs for exploring the dynamics of co-creation for sustainable cities worldwide. We will address topics such as participative democracy and legitimacy, ICTs and big data, infrastructure and technology, and SMART technologies in daily life.

Learning Objectives

Different definitions, forms and typical examples of co-creation for developing sustainable urban water, energy and green systems.
The potential of co-creation for developing sustainable cities.
The interdependency between co-creation and its policy and socio-technical contexts.
Comparison of different real-life cases of co-creation.
To understand interdependencies between the real-life cases of co-creation and their policy and socio-technical contexts.
How to formulate the potential of co-creation in your work or daily life.