Circular Economy Masterclass

CIWEM Circular Economy

Target Audience

Water sector participants.
Please note that the application deadline for the Circular Economy Masterclass is the 23rd September 2019.


This Masterclass has been jointly developed with the University of Exeter (a Pioneer university in the Ellen MacArthur Foundations’s network) and supported by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It is designed to enable participants in the water sector to understand, implement and derive organisational value from the circular economy principles.
As a senior leader in the water and environment sector, you are required to respond to the challenges that arise and create opportunities during your organisation’s journey to a Circular Economy. The Masterclass moves beyond theories to help you understand and apply value creation, capture and scaling. It will develop your professional practitioner skills to deal with the implementation gap.
Masterclass content:
Week 0 – Orientation week
Week 1 – Making the value shift
Week 2 – A systems approach to creating value
Week 3 – Developing circular business models
Week 4 – Optimising the value chain
Week 5 – The role of measurements and metrics
Week 6 – Dealing with increasing complexity

Learning Objectives

The Masterclass will:
– Link core knowledge, examples, tools and discussion to the key challenges and requirements within your organisation
– Turn theory into practice, enabling you to implement specific actions to take the circular economy forward in your daily business
– Help you to manage key stages in the circular value journey
– Create the confidence required to generate circular economy innovation within your organisation
– Show you how to make the case for change
– Link you to a community of circular economy professionals