Career Navigating for Young Professionals

Learning to Leap Personal Development

Target Audience

Young Water Professionals - students and early career


20 bite-size, self-directed online learning courses to help you be more employable:

The Changing World of Work
How to Be a Young Professional Success Story
Your Employability Success Dashboard
How to Be Resilient and Mentally Tough (try it for free)
Emotional Intelligence at Work
Your Talents and Strengths
Mindset Matters
Who Are You?
Your Personal Values
What Motivates You?
Discover Your Purpose
Grow Your Self-Confidence
Build Your Self-Esteem and Self-Belief
Accountability and Responsibility
How Driven Are You?
Develop Your Flexibility and Adaptability
Organised for Success
Coachability and Mentoring
Learning and Developing in the Workplace
Managing Post-Graduate Limbo

Learning Objectives

Greater clarity, confidence and purposeful action for your job and career.

Enhanced employability for a competitive edge in the Water Industry job market.