Basin Action Agenda: Connecting cities, utilities and industries with their basins

International Water Association Watershed management

Target Audience

Professionals working on cities, industries, utilities and basin and that are responsible of managing water resources. Those with a background in water management, urban water, industrial water management or urban planning would be most benefited.


The IWA Basin Action Agenda aims to influence and activate utilities, cities and their industries to become water stewards working with basin and catchment organisations, as well as other water management stakeholders (e.g. agriculture and mining).

This webinar will present and discuss some of the Basin Stories which illustrate different pathways to connect urban areas with their watersheds.

The Basin Action Agenda is a mechanism to implement the Principles for Water Wise Cities and will contribute to the UN 2018 theme on Nature-based Solutions for Water.

Learning Objectives

– Raise awareness and interest in the connection between urban end users (including cities, utilities and industries) and their basins they rely on to function

– Present and identify case studies which highlight how urban stakeholders (city governments, water and wastewater utilities and industries) engage in catchment management and how catchment authorities engage with communities of interest (successes and failures)

– Provide a space for discussion and inputs into the Basin Action Agenda supporting the action of urban stakeholders in watershed management


Katharine Cross Programme manager, Basins of the Future.