Assessing Non-Revenue Water Components

Water Loss Research and Analysis Water Balance uncertainty

Target Audience

This course is suitable to anyone new to the subject of Non-Revenue Water, or someone who knows a little about the subject, but wants to improve the foundations of their understanding.


Uncover the essential skills to comprehensively assess non-revenue water components in the water supply and distribution systems. In this course, you will delve into the intricacies of water balance components, identifying the key factors that wield the most influence on uncertainty. Gain proficiency in utilising uncertainty calculations as a strategic tool to effectively prioritise and guide actionable measures.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the three Phases of Assess, Identify, and Prioritise which can be used to understand uncertainty in a Water Balance calculation
  • Recognise the components in a Water Balance which are likely to cause the most uncertainty
  • Perform uncertainty calculations from Bulk Metering to NRW – for example High Income Utility with good data and a Middle/Low-Income Utility with poor data
  • Describe the components of Unbilled Authorised Consumption and Apparent Losses
  • Perform uncertainty calculations from NRW to Real Losses for example High Income Utility with good data and a Middle/Low Income Utility with poor data
  • Understand how performing uncertainty calculations can be used to prioritise interventions

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