An Introduction to the UK Water Industry

CIWEM Water Resource

Target Audience

- New entrants to the water sector
- Apprentices
- Graduates
- Those moving into a position within a water company from a different sector
- Those working closely with water companies


This course is particularly designed for new entrants to the water sector. It will be of interest whatever discipline or department you work in or whatever your background, whether you work in a water company itself, a consultancy servicing the sector or another organisation that is actively engaged with, or dealing with, UK water businesses.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, you will:
1. Have a broad understanding of the water and wastewater industry and the drivers for the sustainable use, management and development of the water resource;
2. Be aware of the current legislative provisions governing the water and wastewater industry across different parts of the U.K.; and
3. Understand the principal treatment processes for drinking water and wastewater used in the U.K.