Adaptive Water Policy For Resilience

IWA Water Policy & Governance; Adaptation; Resilience

Target Audience

Water practitioners, regulators, and policy makers.


Water professionals are facing many challenges resulting from unpredictable patterns and global change, namely: uncertainty posed by climate change, disruptive technologies emerging in the water & energy sectors, tighter integration of formerly independent utilities and societal expectations regarding human rights to water and sanitation for all.

There is a need for policies that anticipate change and identify infrastructure designed to adapt, and perhaps be repurposed in the long-term due to climate impacts and socially/technologically disruptive technologies. Through policy and governance levers within institutions in the water sector, we can support communities in responding to an increase in shocks and stresses with adaptive resilience. This is especially important in view of vulnerable communities which have been historically underserved and who are now facing the worst impacts from climate change. Young water professionals in particular are behind the call for adaptive water policies over traditional policies and practices.

The future cannot rely upon the policies and practices that have produced our present vulnerabilities and failures.

This online panel that will discuss the need for adaptive policies and governance in the face of unpredictable global changes is also acting as the launch event for a new IWA Community of Practice (CoP) on Adaptive Water Policy & Governance. Details on how to join this CoP will be shared very soon and also at this panel.


Learning Objectives

Following this online panel, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between linear and cyclical policy approaches.
  • Understand how resilience can be supported through policy and governance processes within institutions in the water sector.
  • Be aware of the need for the water industry to adapt to the current changes in the sector while prioritising the needs of the communities.


Presentation Slides

  • You can now download the slides here


IWA’s Adaptive Water Policy & Governance CoP

  • Join the Adaptive Water Policy & Governance CoP IWA Connect Group here
  • Download the CoP’s concept brief here



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