Alliance for Water Stewardship AWS Standard Version 2.0

Target Audience

Everyone interested in water stewardship


The AWS Standard Version 2.0 launches on World Water Day 2019 (Friday 22nd March). The AWS Standard Version 2.0 is the product of a two-year multi-stakeholder review process involving iterative open consultations with local to global stakeholders on learnings from applying Version 1.0. A number of changes have been made to Version 2.0 following the review process.
Join AWS on World Water Day for a one-hour webinar to learn more about the AWS Standard 2.0. The webinars will take place across four different time zones and will be led by local AWS staff.

Learning Objectives

Webinar participants will learn about:

Use of the AWS Standard to address water risk and enable sustainability
Case studies of implementations of the AWS Standard (regionally-specific for each webinar)
Changes that have been made from AWS Standard Version 1.0 to Version 2.0
Opportunities for your organisation to learn more about water stewardship through AWS


Alliance for Water Stewardship