COVID-19: Wastewater-based Epidemiology

International Water Association EnglishOnline Free covid-19; wastewater; health; microbiology; waterpathogens ON DEMAND

COVID-19: Ensuring Safe Water in Sparsely Occupied Buildings

International Water Association EnglishOnline Free covid-19; waterquality; water-management; water-security ON DEMAND

Non-Sewered Sanitation Systems: Best Practices for Field Testing

IWA Specialist Group on Non-Sewered Sanitation EnglishOnline Free non-sewered sanitation systems; test methods; field application ON DEMAND

Sustainable Biosolids Management in a Circular Economy

IWA Specialist Group on Sludge Management EnglishOnline Free sludge management; biosolids; anaerobic digestion ON DEMAND

Water Safety Plans: Auditing under uncertainty

IWA Specialist Group on Water Safety Planning EnglishOnline Free Water Safety Planning ON DEMAND

COVID-19: Young Water Professional Perspectives

IWA Young Water Professionals EnglishOnline Free COVID-19; SARS-Cov-2; Practitioners; YWP ON DEMAND

COVID-19: Sewage Monitoring for Public Health

IWA EnglishOnline Free COVID-19; water management; health ON DEMAND

Nature for Water: Untapped potential in Ghana

IWA EnglishOnline Free Nature Based Solutions ON DEMAND

Perspectives on Smart Stormwater Networks

IWA Digital Water Programme EnglishOnline Free stormwater, network, digitalisation, water ON DEMAND

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