Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control


The Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control SG is focused on the following core issues:

1) to improve the understanding of the fundamental interactions amongst water, soil, plants and bacteria inside wetland treatment systems that are used to control, transform and reduce pollution in the water cycle;
2) to explore innovative applications and realize the full potential of wetland technology worldwide;
3) to mainstream wetland technology within the larger field of wastewater treatment and water pollution control, and to define guidelines for proper design, implementation, and operation of such systems;
4) to facilitate and promote research activities for the continued development and advancement of treatment wetland technology.

Wetland systems are engineered ecosystems that can be used for improving water quality, whether it relates to wastewater, ground water, industrial waste streams, or diffuse pollution; and can be implemented in urban, peri-urban, and agricultural landscapes.  Wetland technologies are based on natural principles and have been shown to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods for improving water quality while providing added value to the landscape.  Wetland systems offer many advantages over conventional technologies, such as increased local biodiversity and the creation of green space within urban areas.  The technology is also robust and can be easily adapted to solve even the most challenging water pollution problems.  Sustainability and resiliency are essential components of future water and environment, and wetland systems can play an important role.

Over the last two decades, the members of this SG have demonstrated that wetland systems can be applied, if properly designed, constructed, and operated, in almost any climatic condition and in most instances, in place of conventional biological treatment technology. In fact, wetland systems often perform better in terms environmental, social and economical considerations in comparison to other conventional technologies.

In 2016, the SG will mainly focus its activities in supporting the recently founded IWA Task group on “Mainstreaming the use of Treatment Wetlands”.  The SG will also aid in the organization of the next IWA SG conference on “Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control” which will be held in Gdansk, Poland on September 2016.

The SG will collaborate with the following IWA Clusters: BioCluster, Alternative Water Resources and Resource Recovery from Water.