Mainstreaming the Use of Treatment Wetlands

For wetland technology to be accessible and its principles and mechanics understood by Water Professionals around the world, a targeted and concise dissemination strategy is needed. The Task Group (TG) was set-up by the Specialist Group on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control. The TG’s main aim is to raise the profile of wetland technology through targeted dissemination activities and participation from Young Water Professionals as well as established researchers.

The objectives of the Wetlands TG are:

  1. Updating and enhancing of the IWA Scientific and Technical Report on Wetland Technology (ISBN 9781900222051). The STR was published in 2000 and contains a significant amount of outdated information. New configurations of wetlands and learning from over 20 years of operation of the pioneering systems has resulted in reduced footprint requirements, enhanced treated water quality, and an improved understanding of the governing biological, chemical and physical processes dominating in each of the main wetland applications.
  2. Developing a new chapter on Wetland Technology to be included in the textbook “Biological wastewater treatment in warm climate regions” (ISBN 9781780402734). This IWA book is now free to download from the IWA website. The book is written as a textbook for university students and, as such, provides a first opportunity for the new generations of Water Professionals to learn about the different technologies available for wastewater treatment. To date, this book does not contain any wetland information.
  3. Organising a workshop to increase collaboration with closely related IWA SGs. A targeted workshop to facilitate communication and identify crossover and collaboration opportunities across several Specialist Groups and Clusters.

The Wetlands TG relies on shared responsibilities between Young Water Professionals and established professionals in the direction of the TG and the delivery of the activities. These include YWP leadership in the Core Group, supported by a Steering Committee and an Advisory Panel to oversee and provide development opportunities for YWPs.