Task Group on Green House Gas

Task group on “The use of water quality and process models for minimizing wastewater utility greenhouse gas footprints” is a newly established group. Two things are remarkable about this TG. Firstly, it is a jointly formed task group by several specialist groups: Sustainability SG, Nutrient Removal SG, Systems Analysis and Integrated Assessment SG, Instrumentation, Control and Automation SG, Urban Drainage SG, Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering SG. This is obviously related to the multiple angles from which the problem can be approached (system understanding, system modeling, process sustainability) and the different scales (treatment plant, sewer, integrated urban water system) that can be considered to define the problem boundaries. Secondly, since the matter is one of the major future challenges of the next generation in the water business, YWPs are involved as key individuals, in close collaboration with the aforementioned specialist groups. These YWPS are also leading the TG under the guidance of the more seasoned members. This approach can help maintain continuity in effective leadership throughout the various IWA groups.