Strategic Asset Management


The sustainability of urban water services requires medium‐ and long‐term infrastructure planning, including not only the renewal of strategies and tactics, but also the financial, organizational and information management aspects that are needed to ensure that stakeholders’ needs and expectations are met over time.

A key issue is the implementation of the ISO 55000 standards in the urban water sector, as drivers for the organisations’ continuous improvement. Another “hot topic” is Communication on Asset Management.

The Strategic Asset Management-Specialist Group (SAM-SG) aims to:

  1. promote and disseminate leading-edge approaches to Strategic Asset Management
  2. strengthen the activity in developing regions
  3. leverage the participation of the young water professionals in the group
  4. consolidate an IWA vision, key principles and best practices of infrastructure asset management

LESAM, the biannual conference is facilitated by the SAM-SG and establishes a consolidated leading-edge forum where utilities, consultants, regulators, researchers and asset managers identify and discuss the main challenges, new solutions and trends in SAM.

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