Statistics and Economics


The scope of this Group is to provide a forum to debate on how utilities are financed, how their various water tariff structures are, which measurement of performance they use, how they analyse their micro economics, how they manage efficiency, etc.

Workshops and seminars are organised annually and papers and books are written in the scope of sharing information and experiences focusing both on fundamental and practical issues to be considered by an economic and responsible behaviour of water utilities.

The group is also organizing, every four years, an International IWA Conference on Water Economics, Statistics and Finance.

Through periodical worldwide surveys the Group provides water industry statistics on countries and cities water facts updating abstraction, consumption, water charging figures, etc and also on regulation. The regular part or these statistics is published every two years during the World Water Congress.

Through its activities the Group is focused on satisfying the needs of the Group’s membership while at the same time positively cooperating with other IWA Specialist Groups so helping to deliver relevant aspects of the Association’s Strategic Plan.

Statistical data are very relevant to help water managers better understand the economical and financial performance of their companies. The group also has a lot of knowledge and experience in ways of financing companies, in methods to improve efficiency, in how to save costs, etc. All this knowledge and experience is used to contribute to the financial and economic sustainability of water utilities and the water sector as a whole.

In 2015 the Group organised a workshop in Japan for Japanese water managers discussing the Current Status and Financial Strategies of Water Utilities in the world. Probably a second workshop somewhere in Europe will be organized. Also two books will be written, one about International Statistics for Water Services and another one about Cost Benefit Analysis of Sewage Treatment Plants.