Public and Customer Communications


Managing water – by utilities, governments, regional organizations – requires effective communication with all stakeholders, particularly customers and the public. Successful water management requires active engagement of audiences in water sector business, local communities, elected office and more.

By engaging customers and the public, the water sector can encourage positive behavior change, increase support for investment in water infrastructure and enhance local communities and the environment.

The Public and Customer Communications Specialist Group shares communication methods, techniques and tools that build customer satisfaction and trust, improve utility performance and establish sustainable water management practices. We aim to raise the profile of communications and engagement as a key strategy in providing water and wastewater services. We provide a forum for the exchange of best practices between specialists within the water and wastewater sector.

We are also interested in sharing our professional experiences in communications with experts in other non-communication specific roles including providing support to other Specialists Groups on how to reach their technical goals through improved communication.

The SG is actively seeking a wider participation of membership through all of these activities.

One major, transformative topic in this field is the use of ICT tools to strengthen public engagement on water issues and customer engagement in water management. Social media and other communications technologies enable improved interaction with water users and customers to change behavior and improve services. Smart meters, customer surveys on mobile phones, text-based messaging for communicating with customers, social media platforms which can bring problems and issues to the world stage at the click of a button – all of these will continue to transform the way people interact with and discuss water issues at local, national and international levels.