Meta-Data Collection and Organization (MetaCO)


The storage and management of data for long-term and use long after collection must account for the fact that the future purpose of the collected data is unknown at the time data generation. Current practices suggest that data collected from disparate sources could provide valuable insights that were not considered when the initial data collection programs were set up.

This Task Group aims to describe a number of data models, i.e. structured approaches to the management and storage of meta-data, which have been deployed successfully in recent years. In addition, the STR will (1) include guidelines that are specifically aimed at avoiding duplication of efforts and databases, (2) discuss the current experience with applicable standards such open architectures such as Open Geospatial Consortium WaterML, and (3) discuss the potential of recently developed technologies, including block chain and ontology-based tools.

Specific aspects of meta-data organization that will be reported are:

  • A discussion of applicable terminology
  • Application of ontology-based frameworks for data organization
  • Relational databases for data organization
  • Types of meta-data and their classification as critical, recommended, or nice-to-have
  • Long-term validity and flexibility of relational database structures and ontologies


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Kris Villez



Janelcy Alferes
S::CAN Messtechnik


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