Membrane Bioreactor Modelling and Control


Several models for MBR-based systems have been presented in the literature in order to explain the peculiarities of these systems. Despite the efforts performed in MBR modelling, this topic is not fully matured yet and need further work. There is not a consensus regarding the use of a “standard” and well established mathematical model able to describe also the fouling phenomena.

The main motivation for the initiation of the Membrane Bioreactor Modelling and Control Task Group (TG) is to lead the research community towards standardized criteria to model MBR systems. The final objectives of the TG are threefold:

  • Propose standardized criteria to integrate biological, filtration and energy models for modelling of MBR-based systems.
  • Set-up a database that can be used for plant-wide modelling, control and optimization of MBR-based systems.
  • Propose guidelines to apply appropriate models to be used for different purposes, such as: academic research, environmental and economic sustainability assessment, and control and multi-criteria optimization of MBR systems.


Contact information:


Group Leaders



Giorgio Mannina
Palermo University



Ángel Robles
Valencia University


Core Group Members

Joaquim Comas – ICRA and LEQUIA-UdG (Spain)

Victoria Ruano – University of Valencia (Spain)

Ilse Smets – KU Leuven (Belgium)

Christoph Brepols – Erftverband (Denmark)

Jérôme Harmand – INRA (France)

Ignasi Rodriguez-Roda – ICAR (Spain)

Marc Heran – Université Montpellier (France)


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