Chemical Industries


The group identifies water pollution problem areas and defines technologies for solutions; a clearinghouse for technical information worldwide on industrial waste management especially focusing on chemical industry related wastes.

Chemical industries generate large amounts of industrial wastewater with its own characteristics, which brings difficulty to treat or reuse for conservation of natural resources. Currently the chemical Industries face a new challenge regarding its sustainable development and production with environmental compatibility.

Sound management of toxic chemicals is one of the major global concerns for our future chemical industries. Many developed countries have introduced open activities on chemicals generated by industries such as Regulation of Pollutant Release and Transfer Register. These activities promote chemical industries to attain a higher level of water and waste management for toxic chemicals.

The group represents the core platform for issue-based interaction on scientific, technical and regulation topics. Due to chemical industries naturally producing large amount chemical waste, needs more innovative solution, which is of upmost importance to search for such inter-disciplinary water technology and advanced regulation to provide cost effective sustainable solutions to chemical industries.