Get involved in Programmes

We can’t do it alone. To advance or programme agendas for change, we need to engage with like-minded organisations, mobilise water professionals at large and collaborate with corporations.

There are a number of ways in which you and your organization can get involved in IWA programmes, including becoming a programme partner, donor or affiliate or contributing your knowledge and expertise. If you are a thought leader, or if the missions and values of your organization match ours, let’s explore how we can work together.

Programme Partners

Through its programmes, IWA partners with a variety of organiations to work together on a range of activities; including advocacy, projects, publications and events.

Become our Partner

Together, we combine our respective strengths and resources to make a contribution to a shared agenda. IWA’s global reach, convening power and network of water professionals are three significant attributes that IWA bring to its partnerships.

Partnerships are normally formalized through memorandum of understandings, agreements or contracts that establish shared goals and agreed mechanisms to reach them.

If you are interested in being a programme partner contact:

Our partners include:

Programme Donors

IWA works with a variety of governmental and non-governmental funding organisations to support programme related activities.

Become a Donor

Our relationship with donors is developed over a number of years, building trust and confidence in our strategy and approaches. IWA staff coordinate collaboration with partners and our members to mobilise donor resources to strengthen institutional capacity and individual competencies for sustainable water management.

Donor relationships are normally formalized through memorandum of understandings, agreements or contracts.

Our donors include:

Programme Affiliates

IWA affiliates with corporate entities, including consultancy firms, equipment manufacturers, technology providers and industries to establish mutually beneficial partnerships that support programme agendas.

Become an Affiliate

In being a programme affiliate, corporations have the opportunity to gain global visibility and profile as a thought leader, contribute to expertise and knowledge development and further develop market place opportunities.


To become a programme affiliate corporations are asked to provide a financial contribution to IWA, in return IWA offers a tailored benefits package that can include, for example:


  • IWA corporate membership for duration of affiliation

  • Involvement of key staff in strategic development of the IWA Programmes and the production of key outputs

  • Logo and brief company profile on relevant IWA webpages and opportunity to provide content (e.g. blog) at IWA’s discretion

  • Prominent profiling on IWA Connect

  • Contributions to The Source (options include adverts, advertorials, supplements and other opportunities

  • Collaboration on webinars

  • Sponsorship opportunities for IWA Events

  • Joint development of reports, research studies, advocacy pieces, case studies, tools or other knowledge products that support programme agendas

If you are interested in being a programme partner contact:

Individual participants

IWA works with its members to shape, promote and support our programme agendas. This can be through providing time to write or review key documents, contribute to the implementation of projects, speak at a programme event or workshop or other ways that contribute to the programmes strategy.

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