XIII Latin American Workshop and Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion (DAALXIII)


This event is the 13th version of a series of Latin American symposia of anaerobic digestion which have taken place in different countries and which are supported by the International Water Association – IWA and by its group of specialists in anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion has been worldwide conceive as a sustainable technology and with a large development, which has allowed the treatment, recovering, and valuation of wastes and residual waters, including from the transformation of recalcitrant pollutants to the use of energy. In Colombia, anaerobic digestion has been fundamental for the development of the country because it has given the basis for a basic sanitation in rural zones and has marked the guidelines for the treatment of domestic and industrial residual waters, and currently the management and proper disposal the sludge.

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Francisco Molina
Universidad de Antioquia Colombia
Diana Catalina Rodriguez
Universidad de Antioquia Colombia
Patricia Torres
Universidad del Valle Colombia
Adela Tatiana Rodriguez
Universidad Militar Nueva Granada Colombia
Beatriz Helena Aristizábal
Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia
Maria Consuelo Diaz
Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia
Julio Saldarriaga
Universidad de Antioquia Colombia
Gustavo Ignacio Garcia
EPM Colombia
Carlos Augusto de Lemos
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Brazil
Sergio Aquino
Ouro Preto Federal University Brazil
Mario Kato
Federal University of Pernambuco Brazil
Rolando Chamy
Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Chile
Andrés Donoso Bravo
C. Tecnológico del Agua CETAQUA Spain
Gladys Vidal
Universidad de Concepción Chile
Oscar Monroy Hermosillo
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Mexico
Germán Buitrón Méndez
Nacional Autónoma de México Mexico
María Ángeles de la Rubia
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Spain
Rafael Borja Padilla
Instituto de la Grasa Spain
Fernando Fernández Polanco
Universidad de Valladolid Spain
Jaime Martí Herrero
Instituto Nacional de Eficiencia Energética y Energía Renovable (INER) Ecuador
Leonardo Erijman
Instituto de Investigaciones en Ing. Genética y Biología Molecular Argentina
Rosa Elena Yaya
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería Peru
Rosemary Vela
Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina Peru
Claudia Etchebehere Arenas
Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Uruguay
Ileana Pereda Reyes
Universidad Tecnológica de la Habana Cuba
Silvio Montalvo
Universidad de Santiago de Chile Chile
Sergi Astals
University of Queensland Australia
Damien Batstone
University of Queensland Australia
Jean Philippe Steyer
INRA - LBE France
Pavel Jenicek
University of Chemistry and Technology Czech Republic
Miller Camargo
University of Leeds Engineering United Kingdom