WEF/IWA Innovations in Process Engineering: Sustainable Water Resource Recovery

Local Organizer: The Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association
Community Organizer: , IWA USA National Committee
  • nutrients
  • process engineering
  • wastewater

The Innovations in Process Engineering: Sustainable Water Resource Recovery Conference is designed to serve as a cutting-edge showcase for the introduction and discussion of innovations and new practices for water resource recovery facilities.  The conference will focus on broad topical coverage in terms of treatment efficacy, efficiency, and enhancements as well as resource recovery and improved understanding and operation through monitoring tools and advanced data analytics. The target audience includes researchers and practitioners who are energized in leading the discussion and implementation of technical development in our industry.  Concentrating heavily on research, development and innovation, the conference encourages any and all stages and scales of innovation from well-developed process concepts to bench-scale, and pilot-scale research and full-scale demonstrations.

The conference provides the opportunity to share and participate in discussions of innovations in the tools, technologies, and strategies used for the research, design, and operation of treatment plants. The content should expand the toolkit and thinking of researchers, design engineers, and operational staff and will include advancements in process monitoring, the development of emerging technology, the modeling and design of those processes, and relevant technical topics related to new and innovative treatment process operation and optimization.

This conference will be an opportunity to highlight and consider the future of water resource recovery facilities. All focuses and disciplines in the field are encouraged.  Examples of topics that will be considered include, but are not limited to:

Developments in design and operation of treatment processes including new strategies, tools, and technologies:

  1. Nutrient removal and recovery
  2. Balancing and optimizing carbon management
  3. Enhancing secondary treatment, including densification, ballasted processes, and membranes
  4. Sedimentation and separation processes
  5. Treatment processes for emerging contaminants
  6. Alternative disinfectants and improved disinfection control
  7. Digestion – pretreatment, post-treatment, control, co-digestion
  8. Digester gas treatment technologies
  9. Optimizing thickening and dewatering processes
  10. Advances in sidestream treatment
  11. Technologies for potable and non-potable reuse
  12. Energy saving/conservation technologies
  13. Novel approaches for treatment and resource recovery
  14. Contaminants of emerging concern and associated treatment means

Developments in design and operating tools and monitoring:

  1. Advances in process control systems and emerging sensor-based and data analytics-based controls
  2. Advances in process, hydraulic, and CFD modeling and non-traditional ways of using traditional models
  3. Understanding, monitoring, and selecting for beneficial microbial communities


  • process engineering
  • nutrient removal and recovery

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Jacek Makinia
NRR Secretary
Mathieu Sperandio
Mark van Loosdrecht
Siegfried Vlaeminck
Michele Laureni
Romain Lemaire
Frank Rogalla
Guihe Tao
Zhiguo Yuan
Yongmei Li
Dawen Gao
Jan Oleszkiewicz
George Wells