Water Safety Conference 2024

Local Organizer: Ricaldoni Foundation, WHO
Community Organizer:


The 2024 IWA International conference for water safety planning (IWA – WSP conference) will bring together leading international experts from academia, industry, government, policymakers, authorities and other organisations to actively exchange, share, and challenge state-of-the-art research on water safety planning (WSP) that could contribute practical knowledge in the implementation of WSP to the key stakeholders involved in providing safe drinking water.

OSE – Obras Sanitarias del Estado is the water utility responsible for the supply of drinking water throughout the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, and the sanitation service in the interior of the country, since 1952. The law creating OSE establishes that its tasks must be carried out with a fundamentally hygienic orientation, putting social reasons before those of an economic nature. Likewise, through the reform of the Constitution of 2004, Uruguay became the first country in the world to declare access to drinking water and sanitation as a fundamental human right. In the same way, it was established that these services be provided exclusively by the State. For these reasons, OSE constantly faces new challenges to obtain solutions that allow it to improve the services it provides, prioritizing the well-being of the community.

For more than 10 years OSE has been working on the implementation of Water Safety Plans following the methodology of the WHO and the IWA. In 2018, the regulator approved the regulation of Water Safety Plans that proposes that in 2030 all the supply systems managed by OSE have Water Safety Plans. To date, more than 100 have been developed and implemented.

Considering the benefits of hosting an international conference such as this (e.g. networking, promoting new ideas, access to decision-makers and influencers, and expanding the research of our university), OSE would like to express its interest to host the 2024 IWA International Conference for Water Safety Planning.

Ricaldoni Foundation (a non-profit institution) of the Faculty of Engineering (University of the Republic), will also take a part of the responsibility in the organization of the conference being a strategic partner for the event.

The proposed conference will also be of benefit to the South American region, highlighting specific water supply challenges, and will drive increased awareness/advocacy for the development and implementation of water safety planning as international best practice.

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Rui Sancho
IWA WSP Co-Chair Portugal
Philip de Souza
IWA WSP Co-Chair South Africa
Thomas Petterson
Chalmers University, Sweden, Organizer and Host of WSC 2022, Narvik Sweden
Fasil Ejigu Eregno
UiT - Artic University of Norway, Organizer and Host of WSC 2022, Narvik Norway
Rory Moses McKeown
World Health Organization Consultant Switzerland
Margarita Pintos
OSE Drinking Water Manager Uruguay
Julieta López
Ricaldoni Foundation CEO Uruguay
Alejandro Iriburo
OSE Drinking Water Assistant Manager; Uruguayan AIDIS President; Interamerican AIDIS IV Region VicePresident Uruguay