6th IWA/WEF Water Resource Recovery Modelling 2018

Local Organizer: WEF
  • WRRmod

In 2018 WWTmod becomes WRRmod in line with the replacement of the expression Wastewater Treatment Plant by “Water Resource Recovery Facilities“ favored by IWA and WEF.

WRRmod 2018 is the sixth seminar in the biennial modelling seminar series started in 2008 under the name WWTmod, wastewater treatment modelling. WRRmod promotes ongoing dialog between experts by providing a regular forum to facilitate discussions on all aspects of water resource recovery modelling, especially “within the fence” (whole plant) modelling. The main objective of the seminar is to disseminate recent findings and case studies with an aim to build consensus, and develop best practices for the most pressing challenges faced by the water resource recovery industry.


  • plant design and operation
  • activated sludge (traditional and MBR), biofilm processes
  • sludge treatment (incl. anaerobic digestion)
  • mainstream/sidestream treatment, whole plant modelling
  • water resource recovery (water, nutrients, energy, others)
  • separation processes (incl. clarifier, filtration and flotation)
  • water chemistry, emerging and priority micropollutants
  • uncertainty, sensitivity, calibration and validation
  • interaction of process units
  • WRRF sustainability and life cycle assessment.

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Magnus Arnell
SP Technical Research Institute Sweden
Wim Audenaert
Ghent University Belgium
Damien Batstone
University of Queensland Australia
Evangelina Belia
Primodal, Canada
Giacomo Bellandi
University of Florence Italy
Lorenzo Benedetti
Waterways Hungary
Ana Barbara Bisinella de Faria
Veolia France
Charles Bott
Hampton Roads Sanitation District United States Of America
Dominique Claveau-Mallet
Polytechnique Montreal Canada
Javier Climent
Jaume I University Spain
Joaquim Comas
Catalan Institute for Water Research Spain
Daniela Conidi
Envirosim France
Sherri Cook
University of Colorado United States Of America
Anton Dapcic
Carollo United States Of America
Haydee De Clippeleir
DC Water United States Of America
Nicolas Derlon
EAWAG Switzerland
Patrick Dunlap
Black and Veatch United States Of America
Ahlem Filali
Xavier Flores-Alsina
Technological University of Denmark Denmark
Sylvie Gillot
Dwight Houweling
General Electric Canada
David Ikumi
University of Cape Town South Africa
Güçlü Insel
Istanbul Technological University Turkey
Ulf Jeppsson
Lund University Sweden
Jose Jimenez
Brown and Caldwell United States Of America
Bruce Johnson
CH2M, US, EWP United States Of America
Murthy Kasi
, HDR, US, YWP United States Of America
Nick Landes
Freese and Nichols, US, YWP United States Of America
Yongmei L,
Tongji University, CN, EWP China
Adrienne Menniti
Clean Water Services, US, EWP United States Of America
Mark Miller
Brown and Caldwell, US, YWP United States Of America
Ingmar Nopens
Ghent University, BE, EWP Belgium
Juan-Garcia Pau
Atkins Global, US, YWP United States Of America
David Riedel
Arcadis, US, YWP United States Of America
Ángel Robles
University of Valencia Spain
Diego Rosso
University of California at Irvine United States Of America
Randal Samstag
RSamstag Consulting United States Of America
Domenico Santoro
Trojan Canada
Jorge Santos
New University of Lisbon Portugal
Kim Helleshoej Soerensen
Wabag Austria
Heather Stewart
CH2M United States Of America
Jean-Philippe Steyer
INRA France
Fernandez Tamara
University of Navarra Spain
Elena Torfs
Laval University Canada
Kshitiz Uprety
Kshitiz Uprety, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, US, YWP United States Of America
María Elena Valle Medina
María Elena Valle Medina, University of Strasbourg, FR, YWP France
Borja Valverde Pérez
Borja Valverde Pérez, Technological University of Denmark, DK, YWP Denmark
Mark van Loosdrecht
Technological University of Delft Netherlands
Kris Villez
EAWAG Switzerland
Eveline Volcke
Ghent University Belgium
Tanush Wadhawan
Dynamita United States Of America
Stefan Weijers
Dommel Waterboard Netherlands
Jim Wicks
The Fluid Group United Kingdom
Phil Yi
Hazen Sawyer United States Of America