Water in Industry 2024

Community Organizer:

The efficient management of industrial waters plays an essential role in the sustainable development of economics and the effective protection of natural environment, which is faced with the various technological challenges, such as the high levels of hazardous organics and salinity, the broad flux loading, the extensive inputs of energy and materials, etc. The challenges are becoming even more complex in the context of reducing carbon emission. The researchers and the engineers need work more synergistically to develop innovative technologies and management tools. IWA Conference “Water in Industry” is initiated to highlight the current demands of efficient managing industrial waters and to discuss the leading-edge research advances. Various water-related themes will be covered, such as pretreatment, alternative water resources, pre-membrane treatment, desalination, recovery of valuables and heat, energy efficiency, industrial park wastewater, water policy, smart management, heavy metal removal, best practice examples, etc.

The conference will take place in 23-27 September 2024 at Nanjing, China.