Sludge Management in Circular Economy (SMICE)

Local Organizer: IRSA-CNR Water Research Institute
Community Organizer: Sludge Management
  • Sustainability
  • Valorisation
  • Minimization
  • Energy
  • Modelling
  • Emerging risks
  • Regulation

It is a great privilege to host this Conference in Rome next May 2018. This event is part of the IWA Specialist Group on Sludge Management (SGSM) conference series, conceived as an international forum discussing state-of-art, practical applications and problems around sewage sludge.
Rome is a very ancient city where many sanitation problems were solved since more than 2500 years. Some sewerage systems, as the Cloaca Maxima, are still in operation. Romans were also capable hydraulic engineers and took the spring water in the ancient city using famous aqueducts, part of them, as the Virgin Aqueduct, still visible in the underground of Rome.
Romans, are therefore very proud of their origins and wish to show to an international panel of scientists and water managers some interesting installations together with their warm hospitality.
Sewage sludge management problems are common all over the world and best solutions, according to affordable costs, have to be suited to specific territorial contexts. Europe is now world promoter for the transition from the linear to the circular economy. Six new directives are about to be approved by the European Parliament and this will drive Member States to the adoption of new strategies and politics to maximize waste recycling. But the question is: it is possible to adopt this policy also in sludge management? One of the objectives of this Conference is to give answer to similar questions. Ing. Giuseppe Mininni


  • Effective management options to reduce adverse environmental effects
  • Innovative techniques to recover valuable products
  • Sludge minimization and reuse
  • Innovative techniques for energy generation
  • Emerging problems in sludge utilization in agriculture
  • Monitoring, sensing and modeling
  • Developments in sludge characterization and regulations
  • Theory and practice in sludge processing
  • Others (aerobic digestion, dewatering, etc)

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Irini Angelidaki
Technical University of Denmark Denmark
Bill Barber
CAMBI United States Of America
David Bolzonella
University of Verona Italy
Camilla Maria Braguglia
CNR-IRSA Rome Italy
Claudio Di Iaconi
CNR-IRSA Bari Italy
Sara Perez Elvira
University of Valladolid Spain
Francesco Fatone
Università Politecnica delle Marche Italy
Andrea Gianico
CNR-IRSA Rome Italy
Helmut Kroiss
Technical University of Wien Austria
Pavel Jenicek
UCT Prague Czech Republic
Angelique Leonard
Université de Liège Belgium
Mauro Majone
Unversità La Sapienza of Rome Italy
Giuseppe Mascolo
CNR-IRSA Bari Italy
Nick Mills
Thames Water Reading United Kingdom
Giuseppe Mininni
CNR-IRSA Rome Italy
Daniele Montecchio
CNR-IRSA Rome Italy
John Novak
Virginia Tech University United States Of America
Adalberto Noyola
National University of Mexico Mexico
Banu Ormeci
Carleton University Canada
Carlo Pastore
CNR-IRSA Bari Italy
Simona Rossetti
CNR-IRSA Rome Italy
Julian Sandino
CH2M United States Of America
Dilek Sanin
Middle East Technical University of Ankara Turkey
Stephen Smith
Imperial College London United Kingdom
Ludovico Spinosa
IWA - Specialist Group on Sludge Management Italy
Masaki Takaoka
Kyoto University Japan
Maria Concetta Tomei
CNR-IRSA Rome Italy
Richard Tsang
- CDM Smith Raleigh, North Carolina United States Of America