Nutrient removal and recovery conference (VIRTUAL CONFERENCE)

Local Organizer: Aalto University and Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY
Community Organizer: , IWA Nutrient removal and recovery specialist group

Following the successful series of NRR conferences the Nutrient removal and recovery 2020 conference will bring together specialists from all around the world to share and develop ideas on fundamental and applied research in nutrient removal and recovery technologies. The conference will be a joint effort with Aalto University and Helsinki region environmental services authority in Finland.


  • Biological and chemical removal and recovery of phosphorus and nitrogen
  • Carbon removal, recovery and sequestration
  • Nutrients management and recovery in sludge and biosolids treatment
  • Technologies for valorisation of nutrients in waste and nutrient product development
  • Novel NRR technologies and NRR in extreme conditions
  • Microbial ecology in NRR, including fate of microbial contaminants (pathogens, antibiotic resistant bacteria etc.)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and fate of micropollutants in NRR processes
  • Mathematical modelling, optimisation and control of NRR processes
  • Energy optimization in NRR processes including energy production
  • Regulatory and economic considerations of NRR processes
  • NRR in the Pulp and paper industry sectors
  • NRR for Groundwater and Soil Remediation and Management
  • Nutrient management from non-point sources, including urban areas, agricultural land and wetlands
  • Nutrient recovery from natural waters (rivers and lakes)

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Zhiguo Yuan
The University of Queensland Australia
Sudhir Murthy
NEWhub United States Of America
Jacek Mąkinia
Gdańsk University of Technology Poland
Aurora Seco
University of Valencia Spain
Charles Bott
Hampton Roads Sanitation District United States Of America
Frank Rogalla
FCC Group Spain
Jan A. Oleszkiewicz
University of Manitoba Canada
Mark Van Loosdrecht
Technical University of Delft Netherlands
Mathieu Sperandio
National Institute of Applied Science France
Pusker Regmi
Brown and Caldwell United States Of America
Siegfried Vlaeminck
University of Antwerp Belgium
Susanne Lackner
Technical University of Darmstadt Germany
Dawen Gao
Harbin Institute of Technology China
Tao Guihe
PUB Singapore Singapore
Mari Heinonen
HSY Finland
Yingyu Law
NTU Singapore
Haydee DeClipperleir
DCWater United States Of America
George Wells
Northwestern University United States Of America
Michele Laureni
TU Delft Netherlands
Romain Lemaire
Veolia France
Nerea Uri
VandCenter Syd Denmark
Anna Mikola
Aalto University Finland
Marika Kokko
Tampere University Finland
Taavo Tenno
Tartu University Estonia
Linda Åmand
Käppalaförbundet Sweden
Ann Mattsson
Nataliya M. Shchegolkova
Russian Institute of Water Problems Russia
Karin Jönsson Lund
Lund University Sweden