Novatech International Conference on solutions and strategies for more sustainable urban water management

Local Organizer: GRAIE, The Metropole of Lyon and OTHU – Research field observatory on urban hydrology
Community Organizer:

For almost 30 years, Novatech conference has positioned itself as an international benchmark in the promotion of solutions for integrated and sustainable water management, through the intersection of approaches and dialogue between stakeholders and researchers. Novatech promotes a dynamic of innovation, from nature-based solutions to water-wise cities! It is yet a real international rendez-vous on research and feedback on sustainable stormwater management.

For its 11th edition, Novatech will take place from 3 to 7 July, in Lyon

– Until the first edition, Novatech is supported by the join committee IWA-IAHR on urban drainage. It is the support of some working groups’ workshop and for the annual meeting of the join committee. It is organisd in alternance with the ICUD – international conf”erence on urban drainage and has been one-year postponed, as ICUD, It is supported by ASTEE, French governing member of IWA

– Novatech is an international event, with usually 500 attendees and 200 communications. 2/3 of the communications and 1/3 of attendees are comming from all over the world (30 countries)

– The theme is sustainable stormwater management, with four complementary approaches : Stormwater and technical solutions, Stormwater and urban planning, Stormwater and impacts, Stormwater and society. Waterwise cities is a relevant approach largely discussed during Novatech.

The Graie is a non-profit organisation, an internationally-regarded hub for waterwise territories, that mobilises and connects stakeholders in water management, aquatic environments and urban development.
Created in 1985, the Graie has over 300 members: public and private professionals, local authorities, companies and research laboratories.