NORDIWA wastewater conference 2021

Local Organizer: FIWA, DANVA, Norsk Vann, Samorka and Svenskt Vatten


The Nordic Wastewater Conference is now being arranged for the seventeenth time.

FIWA, DANVA, Norsk Vann, Samorka and Svenskt Vatten, and 200 presenters engaged in five parallel tracks, welcome experts and practitioners, managers and operators, city planners, researchers, engineers, advisors and others with an interest in wastewater management, urban drainage and climate adaptation in the Nordic region.

Kala Vairavamoorthy, Executive Director International Water Association, will provide a keynote speech on the “Future of Water – a climate perspective”.

All presentations will be recorded and also available during October and November for the participants at NORDIWA 2021.