IWA Symposium Lake and Reservoir Management Conference 2024

Community Organizer:

The Lake and Reservoir Management specialist group of IWA focuses on the integrated management of lakes and reservoirs, taking an interdisciplinary approach that includes fluid dynamics, biogeochemistry, microbiology, aquatic biology, modelling and management.  The conference will bring together scientists, practitioners and managers to discuss different aspects of lake and reservoir management with a focus on:

1) diffuse pollution and eutrophication

2) instrumentation and techniques for water quality monitoring

3) in-situ control strategies to remove nutrients, cyanobacteria and other contaminants, and to mitigate greenhouse gas releases

4) in-reservoir water quality management strategies

5) evaluating reservoirs as pathogen and contaminant barriers

6) understanding the impacts of climate change

7) hydrodynamic and water quality model applications

8) connecting reservoir management and water treatment strategies

9) One Water.

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
David Hamilton
Friffith University Australia
Hiroshi Yajima
Shimane University Japan
Heather Lacey
Sydney Australia
Justin Brookes
University of Adelaide Australia