IWA Resource Recovery Cluster Conference – Supported

This event is organized by Wetsus in collaboration with Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University and Research. With this conference, we want to showcase and celebrate the experiences, lessons and results of more than 15 years of experimenting and upscaling of resource recovery around the world.

Now it is time to transform these from concepts to business examples. Resource recovery is a very inspiring topic but has not been an easy journey and many lessons have been learned in both upscaling novel technologies and developing new markets. Our ambition is to make this conference a meeting point between academia and industry to ensure that research and industry can learn and inspire each other, thus working towards scaled-up and impactful solutions.

We also want to put in the spotlight the future water leaders, the Young Water Professionals, and strengthen the link with policymakers to ensure that the potential of resource recovery is stimulated rather than hindered by legal frameworks. Shaping the future and improving our current practices can only be achieved by collaborative work. This event is the perfect opportunity to do so, via inspiring discussion and meaningful connections. We are looking forward to welcome all of you in Leeuwarden to make circular use of resources a reality.