Cancelled: IWA Regional Conference on Water Reuse in Water Scarce Countries

Local Organizer: CNS Organisation Company
Community Organizer:
  • WaterReuseRegionalConference2023

The IWA Regional Conference on Water Reuse in Water Scarce Countries will address the problem of water scarcity and water reuse possibilities in water scarce countries. Water scarcity affects over 2 billion people in the world. The most threatened countries by water scarcity are in the Middle East. Turkey, a Middle Eastern country and in a typical Mediterranean area, is not a water rich country in terms of existing water potential. With the present water potential and sectoral water use rates, Turkey should perform key administrative and technical regulations in the coming years in the reuse of treated wastewater area.

The conference will host prominent authorities in critical topics such as water reuse in water scarce countries, high tech and low tech solutions for water reuse, water reclamation, semiarid regions, public perceptions, regulations and guidelines.

The conference will also offer opportunities for technical and touristic visits.


  • Theme 1: Exploring Water Reuse for Agriculture, Municipal and Industrial Applications in Water Scarce Countries
  • Theme 2: Public Perception and Participation
  • Theme 3: Water Reuse in Semiarid Regions
  • Theme 4: Water Reuse Regulations and Guidelines

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
University of California, Davis United States Of America
Prof. Dr. Jörg E. DREWES
Technical University of Munich Germany
Prof. Dr. Hong-Ying HU
Tsinghua University, Beijing China
Prof. Dr. Stuart KHAN
University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia
Prof. Dr. Rafael Mujeriego
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Spain
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mete SAATÇİ
Turkish Water Institute Turkey
Prof. Dr. Pongsak (Lek) NOOPHAN
Kasetsart University Thailand
Prof. Dr. Çiğdem ESKİCİOĞLU
University of British Colombia Canada
Assistant Prof. Olivier LEFEBVRE
National University of Singapore Singapore
Stantec, Turkey Turkey
Lim Mong HOO
Singapure’s National Water Agency (PUB) Singapore