IWA International Strategic Asset Management Forum (Supported)

Local Organizer: IWA SAM SG, GIZ, UTVSI, IAWD, Hydro-Comp Enterprises
Community Organizer:

The increased interest by the water and wastewater utilities in South-East Europe on leading edge practices in the field of Strategic Asset Management (SAM) brought the attention on the need to organize the International Forum. The Forum is fully supported by the IWA Specialist Group on Strategic Asset Management (SAM SG) with confirmed participation of acknowledged international experts.

The Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering (UTVSI), as IWA Governing member of Serbia, is fully supporting the Forum. Most of the UTVSI’s members (209 individual and 25 collective members, 109 organizations and institutions and 86 companies and water utilities), are advanced in implementing SAM and the Forum will bring additional benefits in sharing their knowledge and experience in SAM.
The IWA International SAM Forum will articulate with the International Water Forum and Fair that UTVSI (IWA member) is organizing annually since 2008.

The focus of the IWA International SAM Forum will be on:

a. Infrastructure Asset Management and Climate Resilience (adapting systems and make them more resilient),
b. Digital Technologies and AM Advanced Solutions and
c. AM Implementation Experiences and Long-term Investment Planning (sustainable planning of AM measures).

Besides for the SAM SG, the event would be interested for other IWA specialist groups as Benchmarking and Performance Assessment SG, Efficient Urban Management SG, Sustainability in the Water Sector SG and Institutional Governance and Regulation SG.

Three keynote speakers, 9 presenters and over 50 delegates are expected to participate on the Forum.