IWA Conference on Sustainable Sludge Management

Community Organizer: Sludge Management, Small Water and Wastewater Systems

The rapid expansion of China’s economy has been accompanied by many serious environmental issues, including degradation of water quality. To solve its water pollution problems, massive investments in water and wastewater treatment has been undertaken in China in the past decades. These new and upgraded treatment facilities has improved water quality, but also lead to problematic levels of sludge generation, and this prospect is now being addressed with urgency. This sludge conference is titled “IWA conference in Sustainable Sludge Management” which will focus on sustainable approaches in sludge management. The knowledge transfer from this conference could be of great importance to both China and the international community. We are very pleased to offer this forum and warmly welcome international professionals to meet in China and work together toward sustainable approaches to solving this environmental issue worldwide.

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Banu Ormeci
Carleton University Canada
Ludovico Spinosa
Italy CNR. Italy
Helmut Kroiss
Vienna University of Technology Austria
Kwok-Wai Richard Tsang
CDM Smith Australia
Giuseppe Mininni
Italy CNR. Italy
Kyoto University Japan
Paul Slatter
RMIT University Australia
F.Dilek Sanin
Middle East Technical University Turkey
Mari-Karoliina Hendriikka Winkler
University of Washington United States Of America
Guoren Xu
Harbin Institute of Technology China