International Conference on Urban Drainage 2024

Local Organizer: TU Delft
Community Organizer:

The conference will be held at the heart of the Delft University of Technology, with it’s long history of water engineering. Situated in the historic city of Delft, where water related issues have always been at the forefront and have left their mark on the landscape and urban design. An intricate network of canals, pumps and weirs control the water levels to ensure rainfall is dealt with without running a risk of flooding, whilst providing opportunities for leisure.

Beyond Delft are the cities of The Hague and Rotterdam with just a short (15min) train rides away. These larger cities boast innovative solutions to the urban drainage problems of the 21st century, showcasing some of the earlies implementation of blue-green infrastructure and multi-use parks for rainfall attenuation.

We would like to cordially invite you to Delft to join the urban drainage community for sharing of information and discuss the latest research in the field of urban drainage and experience the historic settings of Delft.


  • Urban hydrologic processes
  • Transport and sewer processes
  • Drainage impacts
  • Nature based solutions
  • Tools, techniques and analyses
  • Water management & society