International Conference on Digital Landscape 2019 – Digital Transformation for an Agile Environment

TERI, which has signed MoU with IWA during April, 2019, in collaboration with multiple government, corporate and private organizations is organizing the 6th edition of ICDL 2019. In every 3 years, ICDL conference was held with contemporary topics which have global relevance with localized focus. It has gathered digital luminaries across the globe, visionary policy makers, major corporates and meticulous learners at a single collaborative platform for shared knowledge and benefits. ICDL has produced specific and implementable recommendations in Government and civil society, which had helped Indian digital library communities to develop skills, shape their knowledge and reach out to international collaborations.

Further to this, ICDL 2019 has identified Industry 4.0 as one of the key areas where digital transformation is undergoing a paradigm shift. In order to achieve SDGs, digital disruptions, application of analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT applications are taking place in manufacturing and service oriented industries in many processes.

This event is not organized by the IWA membership structures but given its relevance to our members it is supported by the IWA.

The other major focus of ICDL is always exploring new challenging areas in contemporary development and bridge the digital divide thus created. In the past years, ICDL emphasized on digital library development, preservation and access, and knowledge management.


  • Digitalization for Water-wise cities
  • Digital Water from Catchment to Consumer (With focus on Leakage monitoring, Water Use Efficiency, Process Water Management, IWRM etc.)