Groundwater Forum 2024

  • Groundwater Forum

Groundwater is the most crucial resource in meeting the worlds freshwater needs, and groundwater can provide a resilient component to water supplies challenged by crisis and change. But sustainable groundwater exploitation is a tricky thing. Groundwater cannot be seen with the naked eye, and it finds its own way through the labyrinths of the subsurface. We will never be able to achieve a complete understanding of the groundwater dynamics, and this lends a bit of mystery to the art of a groundwater-based water supply. This conundrum emphasizes the essential need of experience as well as the importance of continuous exchange of knowledge. The Groundwater Forum is organized by Danish Water Forum in cooperation with the Canadian Host Country Committee, and thus the topics of the forum are curated by professionals with extensive experience from countries with centuries of heavy reliance on groundwater.

In three sessions we explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a groundwater-based water supply. We will be inspired by speakers from across the globe to engage in discussions, build networks and share the knowledge needed to navigate in times of change and crisis.

The organizers are proud to present one of the worlds most experienced groundwater experts Dr. John Cherry as the opening keynote speaker of the Groundwater Forum. Through decades of dedication John Cherry has built an impressive portfolio of important contributions to the knowledge of groundwater. He was awarded the 2016 Lee Kwan Yew Water Prize and the 2020 Stockholm Water Prize. Dr. John Cherry is now the lead of the The Groundwater Project which is a non-profit committed to the advancement of groundwater understanding and awareness.  

All congress participants are welcome to join the Groundwater Forum – no extra registration necessary.